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Joey Graziadei (The Bachelor) Bio, Age, Height, Family, Job, Net Worth

Joey Graziadei Biography

Joey Graziadei (Joseph Michael Graziadei ) is an American reality television personality.

He was the runner-up of season 20 of “The Bachelorette” and the lead of season 28 of “The Bachelor.”

Joey Graziadei Age

Graziadei was born on was born on May 24, 1995. He is 28 years old as of 2023.

Joey Graziadei Height

Graziadei stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches.

Joey Graziadei Education

Graziadei went to West Chester University. According to West Chester University’s athletics page, he was on the school’s tennis team from 2016-2017. Joey was a communications and media studies major at the university. He graduated in 2017 and moved to Hawaii.

Joey Graziadei Job

According to Graziadei’s LinkedIn profile, he worked as the head tennis pro at the Princeville Makai Golf Club for six months before moving to Kukui’ula on the south shore of Kaua‘i.

Graziadei now works as a lifestyle and experience ambassador at the Kukui’ula Development Club.

He is also a tennis player. He played on the Division II Men’s Tennis team during his time at school and later continued with his dream after moving to Hawaii.

Joey Graziadei Family

Speaking about his family Joey said; “My parents split when I was pretty young. I wouldn’t say it was easy. But my family is just an extremely loving family. And both my parents were amazing co-parents, so the fact that that didn’t work out doesn’t take away from romance for me.”

During his appearance on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, he shared that his father came out to him as gay after his parents broke up.

Joey Graziadei Siblings

Graziadei has two siblings, sisters named Eleanor and Carly. He often posts about them on his Instagram account.

Joey and his sisters
Joey and his sisters

Joey Graziadei The Bachelor

Graziadei is the lead bachelor for season 28 of The Bachelor. Speaking of the kind of partner he is looking for, Joey said; “Someone that’s just themselves that I can truthfully be a partner with. I want someone that challenges me…someone that I can challenge. I just want someone to do life with. I just want someone that’s going to be my person.”

Contestants on this season of The Bachelor include;

  • Allison Hollinger
  • Autumn Waggoner
  • Chrissa Perez
  • Daisy Kent
  • Edwina Dorbor
  • Erika Cardenas
  • Evalin Clark
  • Jennifer “Jenn” Tran
  • Jessica “Jess” Edwards
  • Katelyn DeBacker
  • Kelsey Anderson
  • Kelsey Toussant
  • Lauren Hollinger
  • Lea Cayanan
  • Lexi Young
  • Madina Alam
  • Maria Georgas
  • Marlena Haddad
  • Rachel Nance
  • Starr Skyler
  • Sydney Gordon
  • Taylor Wiens
  • Chandler Dewgard
  • Kayla Rodgers
  • Kyra Brusch
  • Natalie “Nat” Crepeau
  • Samantha “Sam” Hale
  • Samantha Washington
  • Sandra Rabad
  • Talyah Jackson
  • Zoe Antona

Joey Graziadei Net Worth

Graziadei has an estimated net worth of around $250,000.

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