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Zack Dobbins Biography

From Clay, West Virginia, Zack Dobbins is an American singer who is a contestant on season 18 of American Idol, who stole the hearts of the judges as well as the viewers.

He loves pickups and mudding. During an interview prior to his audition, Dobbins showed off his own exhaust-free ride, a mud-covered truck called Loretta.

“She’s a ’93 F-150. I was literally in the woods for three hours last night, stuck in the middle of nowhere. I went down into a hole. And then the bumper hit. So I just dumped the clutch in second and let her eat. And then here we are. That’s why she’s so muddy,” he explained as to why she was muddy.

Zack Dobbins Age

Dobbins is 18 years old as of 2020. He is from Clay where he claims, “everybody knows everybody by their exhaust ’cause nobody has one.”

Zack Dobbins Family

Dobbins comes from a musical family. “I grew up on music ’cause my grandpa played bluegrass. And then my dad played. There is no more information offered about his family. We will provide more information as soon as it is available.

Zack Dobbins Photo
Zack Dobbins Photo

Zack Dobbins Music

Having grown up in music, Dobbin s revealed that music is his passion. “You just got to do what you like. And if nobody likes it, then that’s too bad ’cause you do.”

He admitted that he has never been to Hollywood and has never flown on a plane and that he also did not know what the competition was all for. ” I didn’t know what this was all for. I thought it was for, like, a plaque or something at the end.

“I was very confused…If I go and got big and famous, I’m gonna have, like, a single-wide trailer on an acre of land that’s all flat, so I can just run the mower back and forth. And I’d still have the same truck. It just runs a little better,” Dobbins revealed.

Zack Dobbins American Idol Audition

During his audition, Dobbins sang an original song called “Miss Use”. Before he began singing, Luke Bryan helped him tune up his guitar. He wowed the judges with his performance and received three easy yeses and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

When asked by Luke Bryan if he knows the term Vibrato, Dobbins responded saying that he does not know anything about music except for the fact that he likes doing it.

“Zack, I don’t think you know what you’re doing. I don’t think you need to know what you’re doing,” Katy Parry told him. “You’ve got a sound. You’re so authentic. Yeah, a lot of these people out here, they’re polished. They’ve been to some fancy school. They know blah, blah, blah. They can’t sing half as good as you.”

” Let me tell you what you did. That was fabulous for me, ” Lionel Richie told him. ” You are giving us heart and soul and real and you just stay being like you.”

Luke Bryan concluded by telling him that they will teach him a little bit about singing along the way. “. “I don’t want to change you.” But? “I saw your fingernails. We got to get that asphalt out of your fingernails, ” he jokingly said.

Zack Dobbins Instagram

We could not find, Dobbins’ Instagram account. We, therefore, can’t confirm whether he has one or not.


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