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Ivan G’Vera Biography

Ivan G’Vera is a Czech-American actor who is best known for his role as Ivan Marais on the American soap opera Days of Our Lives.

G’Vera fled Czechoslovakia for the United States at the age of 18. He attended college and eventually became an actor adopting his current name as his stage Ava is a CIA Agent. name.

Ivan G’Vera Age

G’Vera was born on April 1, 1959, in Prague, Czechia. He is 64 years old as of 2023.

Ivan G’Vera Height

G’Vera stands at an estimated height of 6′ 0″ (1.83m)

Ivan G’Vera Wife

G’Vera is not married. The actor lives a very private personal life and as a result, there is no information on his dating history either.

Ivan G’Vera Obliterated

G’Vera portrays the character Vlad, on the American action dramedy streaming television series, Obliterated. Obliterated is a show about an elite team that is assembled from various branches of the US armed forces to stop a deadly terrorist network from blowing up Las Vegas.

Ivan G’Vera
Ivan G’Vera

Ivan G’Vera Days of Our Lives

G’Vera played the role of Ivan Marais on the popular soap opera Days of Our Lives for several years. He first appeared on the show in 1991 as a manservant to Lawrence Alamain, a wealthy and ruthless villain. He later became a loyal friend and accomplice to Vivian Alamain, Lawrence’s aunt and another scheming character. Ivan helped Vivian with many of her plots, such as burying Carly Manning alive, stealing Kate Roberts’ eggs, and faking her own death. He also had a crush on Vivian, but she never reciprocated his feelings.

Ivan left the show in 2000 when he and Vivian moved to India to produce Bollywood movies. He briefly returned in 2011, when he rescued Vivian from a desert island and brought her back to Salem. Ivan also revealed that he had become a millionaire and had a son named Quinn. He left again with Vivian after she failed to win back Victor Kiriakis, her former lover.

In 2020, Ivan made another comeback, when he was revealed to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping of twins Rachel Black and Carver Grant. He had switched the babies at birth and given Rachel to Vivian, who had always wanted a daughter. He also hired Dr. Amanda Raynor to help him with the scheme. However, his plan was exposed by Lani Price and Eli Grant, the biological parents of Carver. Ivan was arrested and taken to prison, while Vivian escaped with Rachel.

Ivan G’Vera Movies and TV Shows

  • The Hunt for Red October – Officer #2 – Red October
  • Going Under – Soviet Sonar Man
  • Days of Our Lives – Ivan Marais
  • Četnické humoresky – McGregor
  • Casino Royale – Venice Hotel Concierge
  • Terminator Salvation – General Dimitri Lysenko
  • Burnt by the Sun 2 – Villi
  • A Royal Affair – German Doctor
  • Martin a Venuše
  • Příběh kmotra
  • Force of Execution – Constantine
  • Child 44 – Budenny
  • Independence Day: Resurgence – Russian President
  • Zlatý podraz – John Trusil
  • Brecht – Doctor Los Angeles


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