Britney and Kerok

Britney and Kerok (Love During Lockup) Bio, Age, Arrested Again, Instagram

Britney and Kerok Biography

Britney and Kerok are a couple from Richmond. They are one of six couples featured on the reality WeTV series, Love During Lockup.

Love During Lockup follows the journey of six civilians as they go through the early stages of a relationship with a prisoner.

Britney is serving 10 years of probation. She had been sentenced to a total of 17 years in prison on four felony counts: robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to commit malicious wounding, and unlawful wounding. However, she only served 3 years and was released in August 2022.

Britney and Kerok Age

Kerok is 25 years old while Britney is 2 years old as of 2023.

How did Britney and Kerok Meet?

The couple met while serving time at Fluvanna Women’s Correctional Center in Troy. At the time, Britney was incarcerated for armed robbery and Kerok was also in prison for robbery.

Kerok is transgender and identifies as he/him. However, at the time even though he was taking testosterone, he was still required to serve time in a female facility.

Britney and Kerok
Britney and Kerok

Britney and Kerok Love During Lockup

In the show, Britney is out of prison after serving three years but Kerok is still not out. While speaking about their love story, Britney said; “I never saw someone have a story like mine and Kerok’s, where a couple met in prison and continued the relationship after one person was released.”

On the show, she lives with Kerok’s family and attends a beauty school. She also wants to start IVF treatment. The couple, however, struggle with trust issues. This is due to past infidelity experiences.

The couple also seem to be in different places with Britney wanting kids in the future, while Kerok is content with not having kids at all.

Why was Britney arrested Again?

Britney got re-arrested and charged with going 96 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone as well as improper/erratic lane change back in December 2022. She was found guilty of improper/erratic lane change in February 2023 and was ordered to pay $316 in fines and fees.

Britney also had a speeding charge for which she was found guilty. She was given a 30-day jail sentence with 29 days suspended. She was charged $305 in fines and fees. Her driver’s license was suspended for 90 days.

Britney and Kerok’s Instagram

Britney’s Instagram

Kerok’s Instagram



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