Astrid Mercury

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Astrid Mercury Biography

Astrid Mercury is a Filipino drag performer and one of the contestants on the second season of Drag Race Philippines.

Mercury discovered her love for drag when he was in college, where she joined a cheerleading team and learned how to do stunts and flips. She says that cheerleading gave him the confidence and skills to perform on stage as a drag queen. Mercury also credits his drag mother, Xilhouete, who is a contestant on the first season of Drag Race Philippines, for mentoring her and helping her develop his drag persona.

Astrid Mercury Age

Mercury is 29 years old as of 2023. He was born on October 31, 1993, in San Juan City, Manila, Philippines. She says that she identifies with her zodiac sign’s traits of being passionate, loyal, resourceful, and mysterious. She also says that she loves celebrating her birthday on Halloween because it gives her an excuse to dress up in costumes and have fun.

Astrid Mercury Out of Drag

Mercury is not only a fierce drag queen, but also a dedicated call center agent at her day job. She works as a customer service representative for a telecommunications company, where she dons a headset and helps clients with their inquiries and complaints. She says that working in a call center has taught her how to deal with different kinds of people and situations, which is useful for her drag career.

Astrid Mercury ou of drag
Astrid Mercury out of drag

Astrid Mercury Real Name

Mercury’s real name is John Paul Reyes. She grew up in a supportive and loving family, where She was encouraged to pursue his passions and dreams. Mercury says that her parents are her biggest fans and inspirations and that they always watch his performances online or in person.

Astrid Mercury Drag Name Origin

Mercury’s drag name is based on two sources: a Filipino television drama series and the periodic table of elements. The first part of her name, “Astrid”, is inspired by the main antagonist of the show Dragon Lady, who is a powerful and ruthless businesswoman with a dragon tattoo on her back. Astrid says that she admires the character’s strength and fierceness and that she wanted to channel that energy into her drag.

The second part of her name, “Mercury”, is a reference to the element with the symbol Hg and the atomic number 80. Mercury is a metal that can exist as a liquid at room temperature and can change its shape depending on the container it is in. Astrid says that she chose this name because it represents her versatility and adaptability as a drag queen and because it sounds cool and futuristic.

Astrid Mercury Drag Race Philippines

Mercury is one of the 12 contestants on the second season of Drag Race Philippines, which premiered on July 28, 2023, on HBO Go. She says that she auditioned for the show because she wanted to challenge herself and showcase her talents to a wider audience. She also says that she wanted to represent the Filipino drag scene and culture, which she describes as diverse, vibrant, and resilient.

On the show, Astrid has impressed the judges and viewers with her mesmerizing array of looks that transition from pretty to absolutely stunning. She has also delivered fearless performances that leave the audience wanting more. Atrid has shown her skills in comedy, acting, singing, dancing, stunting, and sewing. She has also demonstrated her personality and charisma in the confessionals and interactions with other queens.

Mercury’s goal on Drag Race Philippines is to win the crown and become the next drag superstar of the country. She says that she is confident in her abilities and ready to face any challenge that comes her way. Mercury also says that she is not afraid to compete with anyone or stand up for herself. She warns her fellow contestants: “Don’t be deceived by the glitz and glam… I’m dangerous.”

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