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Susan Andrews (Tucker Carlson’s Wife) Bio, Age, Parents, Children, Marriage, Net Worth

Susan Andrews Biography

Susan Andrews is a former flight attendant best known as the wife of American conservative political commentator and writer Tucker Carlson.

The couple has been together for over 30 years. They first met when they were in high school.

Susan Andrews Age

Andrews was born in 1969. She is 55 years old as of 2024.

Susan Andrews Parents

According to the Associated Press in October 2016, Andrews’ father, the reverend George E. “George” Andrews, was under investigation for allegedly failing to report allegations of sexual abuse involving a St. George’s School teacher in the 1980s while he was the school’s headmaster.

George’s lawyer said that George did not know the extent of the abuse at that time and that he acted in accordance with legal counsel. Several staff members, including a priest, have been charged with sexually abusing students at Episcopal boarding school for over 30 years.

Susan Andrews
Susan Andrews

Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson’s Marriage

Andrews is married to political commentator Tucker Carlson. They were high school sweethearts who met when they were students at St. George’s School in Rhode Island where Susan’s father was the headmaster.

The couple got engaged six months before he graduated from Trinity College in 1991. They got married on August 10, 1991, in the school chapel.

In November 2018, protesters surrounded the Carlson family home when Susan was home alone. “I called my wife. She had been in the kitchen alone getting ready to go to dinner and she heard pounding on the front door and screaming,” Carlson shared during an interview.

“Someone started throwing himself against the front door and actually cracked the front door.”

Susan Andrews Children

Carlson and Andrews have four children. Lillie was their first-born child, followed by Buckley and Hopie, and their youngest child, Dorothy.

During an interview with PEOPLE in 2000, Susan talked about Tucker’s parenting. She shared that Tucker had an annual tradition to teach his kids about the Constitution. Every Fourth of July, he would read the Bill of Rights and light a firecracker for each liberty he mentioned.

In an interview, Tucker shared that one of his adult children was present at the Capitol during the riots on Jan. 6, 2021. “I hated what happened on Jan. 6, you know one of my kids was actually in the building when it had happened,” he said.

It is still not clear which one of his children was in the building. However, t The Hill reported that it was likely his son, Buckley, who works for Rep. Jim Banks’s (R-Ind.) office.

Susan Andrews Height

Andrews is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Is Susan Andrews a Republican?

There is no information about Susan’s political views and party affiliation. Her husband, however, is a registered Republican.

Susan Andrews Net Worth

Andrews’ net worth is not known. However, her husband has an estimated net worth of around $30 million.


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