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Officer Stacey (Officer Karen) Bio, Age, McDonalds, The Richmond Hill Police Department, Video

Officer Stacey Biography

Officer Stacey who has been labeled officer Karen on Twitter, is a Georgia law enforcement officer. She has been an officer for 15 years.

Stacey went viral after a video of her crying over delays with her McDonald’s drive-through order was shared.

Officer Stacey Age

It is not known how old Stacey is.

Officer Karen McDonalds (McDonald’s Karen)

A video of Stacey complaining about her order being delayed at the McDonalds went viral on Twitter. The video was shared by a Twitter user named Ann. The accompanying caption read;

“Stacey who has been a cop for 15 yrs went to
@McDonalds. She paid for it in advance and this is how she gets treated for being a cop. Come on America. We are better than this.”

Officer Stacey Photo
Officer Stacey Photo

In the video, Officer Stacey is seen complaining about her order being delayed saying she is even nervous to take a meal from McDonald’s “because I can’t see it being made.” The video did not sit well with tweeps and that is where the name” Officer Karen” originated.

In another part of the video, Stacey says; “I don’t know what’s going on with people nowadays, but please just give us a break, please just give us a break. I don’t know how much more I can take.

“I’ve been in this for 15 years and I’ve never had such anxiety about waiting for McDonald’s drive-thru food. So just have a heart, and if you see an officer, just tell them thank you because I don’t hear thank you enough anymore. All I want is my McDonald’s.”

The Richmond Hill Police Department

Following complaints after the video went viral, The Richmond Hill Police Department released a statement on Facebook saying that the officer was an employee of another local agency.

“We have received multiple phone calls and messages about a video that was posted by a female officer complaining about her service at a local restaurant.

“The officer in the video does not work for nor represent the Richmond Hill Police Department. We have contacted the agency she works for and have passed along our concerns.”

Officer Karen Video


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