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Vanessa Guillen Biography

Vanessa Guillen is an American soldier who went missing from the U.S. Fort Hood Army base in Texas where she was stationed. Vanessa was last seen April 22, 2020, in the parking lot of her barracks.

Before she went missing, Guillen informed her family that she was being sexually harassed by one of her sergeants at Fort Hood. Venessa never revealed the identity of the man that was abusing her. Venessa’s mother, Gloria, had advised Guillen to report the case before she later disappeared.

When Guillen was given the go-on sign by her mother, she declined to report the matter saying that other women who had been previously sexually abused had reported that matter but they ended up being dismissed.

Vanessa Guillen Age

The American soldier who recently disappeared from the barracks, Vanessa, was born on September 30, 1999. She was 20 years old upon her disappearance.

Vanessa Guillen Photo

Vanessa Guillen Photo

Vanessa Guillen Found | Guillen Update | Guillen Missing Update

The remains of Guillen were unfortunately found in a shallow grave just 20 miles from the base where Vanessa was stationed. A suspect who had been listed has been discovered dead having shot himself. It is said that he ran from the base on foot and when the soldiers tried to confront him. The identity of the soldier is yet to be released. The soldier was a junior soldier. This information will soon be updated. The army has said that they have another suspect who has already been apprehended.

Vanessa Guillen Fort Hood | Guillen Sergeant

American soldier, Vanessa, who went missing on April 22, 2020, who was based at U.S. Fort Hood Army base in Texas was recently found dead 20 miles from her station. Before her disappearance, she had called her mother claiming that she had been sexually assaulted.

When asked to report the case, she refused to say that “she could put a stop to it herself” out of fear that her mother would be harmed if her mother were to report the sergeant. A few weeks later after the phone call, Vanessa disappeared.

On July 1, 2020, at a news conference, Vanessa’s family said that her likely remains were found in a shallow grave near the Army installation in Texas. The main suspect in the case, a fellow soldier, killed himself the same day. Several other people came open saying that they were being sexually abused. It is not yet clear what will happen to the army base. The identity of the perpetrator is yet to be revealed. This information will soon be updated.

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Please Read and Share : The Attorney Khawam for Vanessa Guillen and the Guillen Family will be having a press conference in Washington D.C this Thursday. Due to the lack of answers, safety, respect, and responsibility in Fort Hood, we are demanding a Congressional Investigation to be done. How can someone be sexually harassed on base, go missing on base and the family has not obtain answers in the last two months ? It is truly disappointing how Fort Hood Army Base, a military base has not given answers to Vanessa’s family. Ms. Khawam will be proposing a legislation to protect our U.S Military Soldiers sexual harassment and sexual assault. Our soldiers deserve to be safe and respected while being on duty, those soldier are putting their life for the United States yet the same army family fails to respect them mentally, physically or sexually. The #IamVanessaGuillen is to encourage any soldier, female or male, to not be afraid to share their story, female soldiers are not sexual objects, they are heroes. Those same soldiers deserve respect and awareness! Our soldiers need feel and be safe while being on duty. Ms. Khawam will be answering questions from the press. Please inform any news media, newspaper, radio stations, or blogs to come July 2, 2020 at 12 pm EDT time. We will not stop We will keep fighting We will not be silent We will Find Vanessa Guillen #findvanessaguillen #iamvanessaguillen #justiceforvanessa #bringbackvanessa #wearevanessaguillen #justiceforvanessaguillen

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