Shakur Sozahdah

Shakur Sozahdah (Secrets & Sisterhood) Bio, Age, Husband, Dad, Movies, Chris Brown, Net Worth

Shakur Sozahdah Biography

Shakur Sozahdah is one of the stars of “Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs” on Hulu. She is a model and a television personality.

Sozahdah and her 9 sisters were brought up by their mother, Mor Jann after their father died.

Shakur Sozahdah Secrets & Sisterhood

“Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs” is an unscripted series on Hulu that follows 10 Muslim American sisters whose faith and bonds are put to the ultimate test while trying to navigate cultural expectations, their careers, and love in Los Angeles. The show was released in 2023 and has one season available with 10 episodes.

Her other sisters are;

Shaista Sozahdah: 48, a restaurateur
Halimah Sozahdah: 46, Riverside Country Ombudsman
The Mother Hen Khadija Sozahdah: 46
Rabya Sozahdah: 41, Financial consultant
Muzlefa Sozahdah: 38
The Boss Babe Jamila Sozahdah: 36, physician assistant and entrepreneur
The Drama Queen Siddiqa Sozahdah: 35, ER and Or registered nurse
The Hot Head Nooreya Sozahdah: 34, the Private equity firm owner
The Wild Child Hamida Sozahdah: 32

Shakur Sozahdah Age

Sozahdah is 37 years old as of 2023. She was born on October 8, 1985, in Los Angeles, California.

Shakur Sozahdah Dad

Sozahdah’s dad died in 1999. The family moved to the US from Afghanistan in the 1980s when they fled the Russian invasion.

Shakur Sozahdah Husband / Shakur Sozahdah Divorce

Sozahdah is married to Joshua Landon Smith, a real estate agent. On October 7, 2020, Sozahdah filed a family-marriage dissolution/divorce lawsuit against her husband, Smith. The case was filed in Los Angeles, California, at Stanley Mosk Courthouse. It ran in court for two years. Finally, on March 15, 2022, Judge WEndy L. Wilcox dismissed the case. Shakur and Joshua eventually reunited and joined the Hulu show Secrets & Sisterhood.

Shakur Sozahdah Baby

Sozahdah does not have any children of her own as of 2023, but she loves spending time with her nieces and nephews.

Sozahdah and some of her sisters
Sozahdah and some of her sisters

Shakur Sozahdah Plastic Surgery

Sozahdah has not confirmed or denied having any cosmetic procedures done, but some fans have speculated that she may have enhanced her lips, breasts, and buttocks. She has also been accused of bleaching her skin to appear lighter.

Shakur Sozahdah Accent

Sozahdah speaks with an American accent, but she can also speak Arabic fluently.

Shakur Sozahdah and Chris Brown’s Relationship

Shakur is a former friend of Nia Guzman, Chris Brown’s baby mother. She was also a witness in a custody hearing between Guzman and Chris Brown.

Shakur Sozahdah and Nia Guzman

Shakur is a former friend and babysitter for Nia Guzman, Chris Brown’s baby mother. The two got involved in a feud in 2017 after Nia accused Sozahdah of blackmailing her. Nia even filed a restraining order against her. In response, Shakur called Guzman a bad mother and said that she was willing to testify on behalf of Chris Brown.

Shakur Sozahdah Drake

Sozahdah was the leading video vixen on Drake’s song, “Best I Ever Had” music video.

Shakur Sozahdah Ethnic Background

Sozahdah is of Palestinian and Lebanese descent. Her father is from Palestine and her mother is from Lebanon.

Shakur Sozahdah Career

Sozahdah started her career as a model when she was 18 years old, posing for magazines like King, XXL, Show, and BlackMen.


What does Shakur Sozahdah do

Sozahdah is a model and an actress. She is also a reality star, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is always looking for new opportunities and ways to give back to the community. She is a role model for many young women who aspire to follow their dreams.

Shakur Sozahdah Movies and TV shows

Sozahdah made her debut as Yasmine Blanco in the 2012 video Los Blancos, which she also co-directed and produced. She then appeared in the 2015 comedy November Rule as Cashmere and in the 2017 TV series The Bear as Naya.

In 2019, Sozahdah played Worshiper in the action movie Shaft, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Regina Hall. She is also set to star in the upcoming reality show Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs, which follows her and her nine sisters.

Shakur Sozahdah Net Worth

Sozahdah net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2023, according to various sources.


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