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Who is Seth Lueker from Outlast? Bio, Age, Family, Instagram

Seth Lueker Biography

A resident of Winchester, Virginia, Seth Lueker is an American television personality who became famously known after he appeared on Outlast (Season 1).

Lueker enlisted in the Marine Corps at the age of 19 and was stationed in Hawaii. There he learned combat survival, land navigation, and “how to properly get sunburned on a beach” as he puts it.

Seth Lueker Age

Lueker was born in 1992 in Winchester. He is 31 years old as of 2023.

Seth Lueker Family

There is no information available about Seth’s family as of the time this article was published.

Seth Lueker Outlast

Lueker joined the survival competition and became a part of Charlie Camp with Nick Radner, Andrea Hilderbrand, and Angie Kenai. They had a good first night and even built a fire. However, their team lost Andrea and ended up with only three members.

Survivalist Paul Preece and Seth
Survivalist Paul Preece and Seth

Seth’s team, Charlie Camp, improved during the crab pot mission with the help of Seth’s marine background, and they were later joined by Paul Preece. This caused tension with the remaining members of Paul’s previous team but allowed for an alliance with Alpha Team.

Charlie Camp suffered losses with Angie’s medical evacuation and Jill’s refusal to join. Justin Court was recruited but was later expelled due to damaging his previous team’s shelter. The remaining five members had to make different treks, and ultimately, Seth, Nick, and Paul won ‘Outlast” season 1.

Where is Seth Lueker Now?

Lueker is based in Winchester, Virginia.

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