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Sarah Bartell Biography

Sarah Bartell is a taxidermist, homesteader, and adventurer who has appeared on the survival reality show Naked and Afraid.

Bartell is the founder of Wildheart Homestead. She creates artistic pieces from animal fur, bones, and leather. Sarah sells her products on her website, Wildheart Homestead, where she also offers educational workshops and courses on taxidermy and homesteading.

Sarah Bartell Age

Bartell was born on June 24, 1984, in Portland, Oregon. She is 39 years old as of 2023. She grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she developed an interest in wildlife and nature. She later moved back to the US and settled in Klickitat, Washington.

Sarah Bartell Husband

Bartell is in a relationship with Terra Short, a Naked and Afraid survivalist. It is not clear when the two began dating. She was previously in a relationship with Danny Graves, whom she met in 2014 at Burning Man.

Sarah Bartell Naked And Afraid

Bartell is a veteran of Naked And Afraid, a reality show that challenges participants to survive in harsh environments for 21 days without any clothes or supplies.

On her first appearance on the show, she was paired with David Shirley, a former marine sniper, in the Ecuadorian jungle. They were later joined by Makani Nalu, a vegan yoga instructor, who added more drama to the situation. Sarah managed to complete the challenge despite suffering from infections, dehydration, and hunger.

Bartell and Terra Short
Bartell and Terra Short

Bartell later returned to Naked And Afraid XL, where she joined 11 other survivalists in the savannah of South Africa for 40 days. She teamed up with Matt Wright, a survival instructor and knife maker, who had previously completed a solo challenge in the same location.

Bartell and Matt faced many dangers, such as hyenas, elephants, and scorpions, as well as conflicts with other members of the group. They also formed a bond with Ryan Eacret, a former army ranger, who helped them hunt and gather food. Sarah proved to be one of the strongest and most resilient contestants on the show.

Sarah Bartell’s Net Worth

Bartell’s net worth is not publicly known. We will provide this information as soon as it is made publicly available.

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