Ryan Neal (The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart )Bio, Age, Family, Music

Ryan Neal Biography

Ryan Neal is an American singer and reality TV star who is best known as a contestant on the 1st season of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart.

He aspired to become a pop star and he started playing guitar at a very young age.

According to his bachelor profile, he found his roots as an artist when he rented a house in Nova Scotia on a secluded lake to write and produce his original music.

Ryan Neal Age

Neal is 28 years old as of 2019.

Ryan Neal Family

There is currently no information available about Neal’s family. we will provide more information on his parents and siblings as soon as it is available.

Ryan Neal Photo
Ryan Neal Photo

Ryan Neal Music

According to his website, he fuses “hip-hop-inspired production with soulful vocals, slinky guitar lines, vibey electric piano, and funky bass riffs to create a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh.”

Ryan Neal The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart

Neal is a contestant on season 1 of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. He says that he recently broke up with his girlfriend of two years and is unlucky in romance.

He says that he has struggled to find someone who respects his musical aspirations. According to his bachelor profile, he is looking for “someone who understands the unique challenges of dating an artist. He has never dated a musician and is excited to finally give it a shot.”

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