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Rob Alleva Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Kings of Pain, and Military

Rob Alleva Biography

A native of Oklahoma, Rob Alleva is a famous animal wrangler, a producer of wildlife television, and toured the world in his search to see some of the most harmful animals. From a young age, he was curious about animal life. He would spend hours studying nature and turn up home with one or the other animal in his hand.

In an Instagram post, Rob cited that he got his passion for wildlife from his father, who himself was an outdoorsy man. “He grabbed a lizard for me when I was 5. It was a ground skink,” Rob said in the post’s caption. “This was what flew my curiosity regarding wildlife.”

Rob Alleva Age

Rob is in his 30’s or 40”s. He has not revealed any information surrounding his exact age, date of birth, and birthdate month.

Rob Alleva Height

Alleva stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches tall. His weight is currently not publicly available. This section will be updated as soon as the information is available.

Rob Alleva Education

Alleva is a very curious man who loves to experiment. He is a self-taught professional Handler and former Military man. It is assumed that he graduated from college with good grades and went on to join the army. It is not known which academic Institutions he attended or what his level of education is.

Rob Alleva Image
Rob Alleva Image

Rob Alleva Family

Alleva was born and raised by his parents in Oklahoma. Our efforts to find more information came to no avail as no such information is publicly available. Thus the identity of Thron’s parents is unclear. It is also not known if he has any siblings. We will update this section.

Rob Alleva Wife

Alleva is happily married to his blessed Karoleena Krypel. The happy partners began dating sometime in 2016. Almost two years into their relationship, he proposed to Karoleena in July 2018. The proposal took place while the duo was outdoors looking for snakes, though it had been a part of Rob’s master plan. When Karoleena raised up a wooden board, she found a piece of paper asking her the ultimate question. In his typical style, the question mark at the end of the question was actually drawn as a snake. Delighted, Karoleena said yes.

In September of 2018, Alleva and Karoleena got married, not once but twice. The partners carried out two small ceremonies, one in California, and the other in Oklahoma, to include both of their families. The ceremonies were lovely, and the animal handler was delighted. The two do not have any children. However, they do have an adorable dog who was once only Karoleena’s. The couple regularly goes on outings and shares quality time together.

Rob Alleva Net Worth

Alleva estimated net worth is $14 Million.

Rob Alleva Kings of Pain

‘Kings of Pain’ provides Alleva with the chance to do what he loves best while also spreading awareness regarding the animals and insects from across the globe. Evidently, he is quite attached to snakes and loves sharing information about them on social media, though his feed may not be for the faint of heart. In the reality series, viewers can see Rob suffer through bites and stings from some of the most dangerous beings on our planet. Despite the painful process, the animal handler is always eager to share his knowledge and be ready for the next challenge.

Rob Alleva Tattoos

Alleva has a number of tattoos on his body and they each have a deeper meaning best known to him. One of his tattoos is the tattoo of a bird of prey and he says it is a symbol for me of the constant threat in the CAR.

Rob Alleva Military

The Kings of Pain Rob was once in the Army and has fought ISIS. He has however shared very few details surrounding his Military career and when he joined the Army.

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