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Reed Meredith Biography, Age, Wicked Tuna, Wahoo and Net Worth

Reed Meredith Biography

Reed Meredith is an American born fisherman as well as a television personality. After his studies and joined his father on the fist fishing vessel Wahoo full time. Twenty-four years late, Reed is the captain of the third incarnation of the fishing vessel Wahoo.

Reed Meredith Age

Not much is known about Meredith since he maintains a low profile about his personal life. He has not revealed his date of birth. It is known that Reed was born and raised on the Outer Bank of North Carolina. This information will soon be updated.

Reed Meredith Wicked Tuna

During his early childhood, Reed knew that he had a passion for fishing and that he wanted to follow after his father’s footsteps. He dropped out of school to join his father on the first vessel Wahoo full time. Reed who is now a father and a family man has been in the fishing field for more than 24 years and is currently the captain of the third incarnation of the fishing vessel Wahoo.

The responsibility is now on Reed’s shoulders to pilot his boat through the most treacherous inlet on the Eastern seaboard in order to preserve his and his family’s way of life. Despite the fishing lifestyle keeping him away from his wife and two daughters more than he’d like, Reed has managed to keep at least some of his family close to him at all times.

Reed Meredith Photo
Reed Meredith Photo

The first and only mate on the Wahoo is Reed’s older brother Banks Meredith. After Banks attended college, Banks decided to join his younger brother in his fishing endeavors and become a partner in the family business.

Although sibling rivalry can occasionally rear its ugly head between the two, earning them their nickname “The Bickering Brothers,” there is never a question of who drives the boat in the family. Reed is the captain, gives the orders, and is responsible for all who step foot on the Wahoo – and he makes sure this is understood by all, especially by his older brother.

Reed Meredith Wahoo

Being responsible for putting the boat on the fish and the fish on the deck is a challenge that Reed relishes. When it comes to fishing, the Wahoo is one of the top boats of the fleet due to her hard-charging and extremely competitive captain. Reed prides himself in his willingness to attempt crossing the Oregon Inlet in weather that keeps lesser boats safe and sound, tied in their slip.

Reed Meredith Net Worth

Meredith seems to be earning quite a fortune from his fishing career. This career has also helped him purchase a fishing vessel for himself as well as support his family. His exact net worth is currently under review and will soon be updated.

Reed Meredith Kahuna

In late 2019, Meredith participated in the season finale of the Wicked Tuna show. He was very good at his fishing skills as well as steering his vessel. Hee unfortunately did not win the season and is now in the 2020 show. Hoping for the best as he competes alongside some of the best fishermen.


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