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R. Jai Gillum Bio, Age, Husband, Sexuality, Children, Career, Net Worth

R. Jai Gillum Biography

A native of Montgomery, Alabama, R. Jai Gillum is an executive director and banker who is best known as the wife of Andrew Gillum.

Her husband Andrew is the former mayor of Tallahassee and the one-time Democratic gubernatorial nominee for the state of Florida.

R. Jai Gillum career

Jai is the executive director of United Way of the Big Bend’s The BEST Project. The project is described as one that “helps people achieve long-term financial stability and quality of life through services such as tax preparation help.”

Jai has a degree in biology and has worked in banking in Dallas, Texas. Initially, she wanted to go into dentistry. However, she decided she wanted to attend grad school to study something in the public health or public policy arena.

R. Jai Gillum Age

Jai is 31 years old as of 2020.

R. Jai Gillum Photo
R. Jai Gillum Photo

R. Jai Gillum Husband

Jai is married to Andrew Gillum the former mayor of Tallahassee. They first met in college while participating in student government at Florida A&M but did not date in the years that followed.

Later in 2003, they met again and Andrew gave her his home phone number, which she ignored.

“I didn’t think he was serious. He was wearing both of his cell phones, and then he gave me his home phone number. I said, ‘Anyone with two cell phones is never at home’.”

R. Jai Gillum on Her Husband’s Sexuality

In September 2020, her husband Andrew Gillum came out as bisexual during a TV interview.

Speaking on the topic, Jai revealed that her husband told her before they were married 11 years ago that he was bisexual. She said that she upset that it is now public knowledge.

“I don’t think it is anyone’s business,” she told Tamron Hall. “I don’t think it is fair for people who are not heterosexual, who are not assumed heterosexual that they should ever have to say or disclose what they are because of how judgmental people are.

“So many people just don’t understand bisexuality. They think they can wrap their heads around gay, but bisexuality is just something different.”

R. Jai Gillum Children

Jai and her husband Andrew have three children together. The couple was first blessed with twins in 2014. Their names are Caroline and Jackson.

Later in May 2017, the couple welcomed their third child a son named Davis Allen Gillum.

R. Jai Gillum Ney Worth

Jai has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.


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