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Moriah Plath Biography

A native of Georgia, Moriah Plath is an American television personality, singer, and actress known for starring on TLC’s reality series, Welcome to Plathville.

She is the lead singer of the family’s band which consists of her father, mother, and siblings.

Moriah Plath Age

Plath is 17 years old as of 2020. Her exact date of birth is not yet known.

Moriah Plath Parents

Plath is the daughter of Kim and Barry Plath. Her father works as a transportation planner for a private firm while her mother a naturopathic doctor.

Moriah has not always gotten along with her parents and has expressed how she does not feel accepted by her parents for wanting to dress differently or go out and explore the world.

Moriah Plath Photo
Moriah Plath Photo

Moriah has also had problems with her mother especially,  who she feels favored the other kids over her. This was specifically after Moriah expressed a desire to go to a nearby college where she could visit home whenever she wanted.

Her mother, however, was not in support of the idea saying it is not the vision she has for her daughter’s life. Moriah has since then emancipated herself from her parents.

Moriah Plath Siblings

Plath is the fourth child in a family of nine siblings. Her other siblings are; Ethan, 22, Hosanna 21, Micah 19, Lydia 16, Isaac 14, Amber 11, Cassia 9, and Mercy 7. She also has a late brother named Joshua. He died in 2008.

Moriah Plath Boyfriend

At the moment, there is no information on whether Moriah is dating or not. we will provide this information once it is available.

Moriah Plath Welcome to Plathville

In Season two of TLC’s reality television series Welcome to Plathville, we get to see Moriah make more firm decisions on what she really wants to do.

Having been brought up in a very sheltered family, Moriah has grown up to be different and very opinionated. She certainly does not agree with certain things about how her parents want her to be.

“I’ve always been really different than the rest of my family. “Nothing against my parents, like I love my parents, but I don’t, you know, I don’t agree with everything they say and think, ” She explained.

Moriah has also admitted that she loves freedom. “I love freedom, and I like being crazy. I love having fun.”

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