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M1ss Jade So (Drag Race Philippines) Bio, Age, Out of Drag, Instagram

M1ss Jade So Biography

M1ss Jade So is a drag performer and a contestant on the second season of Drag Race Philippines. She is also a proud transgender woman and a fashion design student.


Jade So started doing drag when she was 16 years old, inspired by her love for fashion and music.

M1ss Jade So Age

Jade So was born on July 12, 1999. She is 24 years old as of 2023. She is from Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines, where she grew up in a supportive family.

M1ss Jade So Drag Race

Jade So is one of the 12 queens competing on the second season of Drag Race Philippines, a spin-off of the popular American reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race. She auditioned for the show because she wanted to showcase her talent and personality to a wider audience, as well as to represent the transgender community. She describes herself as a “power top na bratzy”, which means a confident and spoiled brat.

Jade So Out of Drag

Out of drag, Jade So goes by her real name, Jade So. She is a fashion design student and a proud transgender woman. She transitioned when she was 18 years old, and underwent several surgeries to feminize her appearance. She calls her fans “SUSOs”, which stands for “Supporters ni M1ss Jade So”. She is also a drag relative of several other Filipino drag queens, such as Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, Prince, and ØV C–T.

M1ss Jade So Before and After

Jade So has undergone a remarkable transformation since she started doing drag and transitioning. She has shared some of her before and after photos on her social media accounts, such as Instagram and YouTube. She has also documented some of her surgical procedures, such as rhinoplasty and facial feminization, on her YouTube channel. She says that she is happy with her results and that she feels more comfortable in her own skin.

M1ss Jade So Drag

Jade So’s drag style is influenced by her love for fashion, music, and fantasy. She likes to create looks that are glamorous, edgy, and unique. She often wears wigs in different colors and styles, as well as elaborate outfits and accessories. She is also known for her body-ody-ody, which she accentuates with padding and corsets. She can perform various genres of music, from pop to rock to rap. She says that she lives life as if she were the star of her own music video.

M1ss Jade So Instagram



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