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Lara Flumiani Bio-Wiki, Age, Below Deck, Husband and Travel

Lara Flumiani Biography-Wikipedia

Lara Flumiani is an Italian television personality. Flumiani is one of the new cast members on the Below Deck Mediterranean show. Lara loves to travel.

During an interview, the Italian television personality, Flumiani, confessed that she entered the world of yachting by accident but has since fallen in love with the job and has since steadily climbed the ranks for 10 years. When she joined the yachting company, she began as a stewardess and after jumping around as a stew for some time, Lara finally got her chance to thrive as Chief Stew on a small yacht.

Though at the beginning Flumiani never thought that she would be a world traveler, she has managed to sail her way through Mallorca, Corsica, and Phuket.

Lara Flumiani Photo
Lara Flumiani Photo

Lara Flumiani Age and Birthday

According to her social media profiles, it states that Lara is aged 27, though this information is yet to be verified. Details about her date of birth and place of birth are yet to be provided. This information will soon be updated.

Lara Flumiani Below Deck Mediterranean

When Lara joined the yachting agency, she deemed it a mistake but as days went by she fell in love with the job and has since grown in the field. Ten years down the line, Flumiani who started off as a stewardess is now a Chief Stewardess on a small yacht.

In season five of Below Deck Mediterranean, Lara’s laid back nature and eye for detail give her an edge as a stewardess. Lara does not hold back when confronting drama head-on and can be considered quite the hothead. She is not afraid to lose her cool if a fellow crew member fails to meet expectations.

Lara takes full advantage of her changing scenery, hopping off-board to part. She also loves to go for sightseeing whenever she gets a chance.

Lara Flumiani Where Is She From

Flumiani is an Italian national. Though she has not provided any detail about her exact place of birth, she openly said that she hails from Italia. Details about her exact place of birth will soon be updated.

Lara Flumiani Social Media

The following are the official social media accounts of Flumiani:

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Lara has not provided her official Facebook page. This information will soon be updated as soon as she updates it.

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