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Kim Plath Biography

Kim Plath is an American reality television personality best known for starring on TLC’s reality show Welcome to Plathville.

Welcome to Plathville is about a musical family from Georgia know as The Plaths. It a family of 9 children and their two parents.

Kim Plath Age

Plath’s date and year of birth are not available. Her age is therefore not available at the moment.

Kim Plath Husband

Plath is married to her husband Barry Plath. The couple began dating in 1997 after both of them got visions that they were to end getting married to each other.

“God revealed to Barry and I that we were going to marry,” Kim wrote on the family website. They have been together ever since. Married for 23 years.

Kim Plath Photo
Kim Plath Photo

Kim Plath Children

Plath and her husband Barry have 9 children together. Their names are Ethan, 22, Hosanna 21, Micah 19, Moriah 17, Lydia 16, Isaac 14, Amber 11, Cassia 9, and Mercy 7. It is important to note that those are their ages as of 2020.

Some of her older kids have expressed resentment, disappointment, and have often disagreed with how their mother is raising them. One of those children is her daughter, Moriah.

Moriah has been vocal about how she does not feel accepted by her parents for wanting to dress differently or go out and explore the world.

Kim Plath Joshua Plath

Kim accidentally ran over her 17-month old son Joshua, while doing gardening on her property. Despite efforts to save Joshua by first responders, he did not make it through.

Kim Plath Job

Plath is a naturopathic doctor. She uses natural remedies to treat illnesses and her practice is science-free. It is not clear if she still practices her expertise or not.

Kim Plath Welcome to Plathville

On the reality show Welcome to Plathville, Kim has been the center of some drama involving her and her children.

Kim, her husband, and their children reside at their 55-acre family’s farm in rural southern Georgia where they lead an ultra-conservative lifestyle.

She has had issues with her daughter Moriah who feels like Kim favored the other kids over her. This was specifically after Moriah expressed a desire to go to a nearby college where she could visit home whenever she wanted.

However, Kim was not in support of the idea since it is not the vision she has for her daughter’s life. Moriah has since then emancipated herself from her parents.

Kim has also had problems with her oldest son, Ethan. She was against her son’s marriage to Olivia. She had asked Ethan to break up with her but the two eventually got married.

Olivia apparently does not live the “traditional” lifestyle that Kim forces her family to lead. She is free-spirited and as a result, has introduced Ethan to the things that he had been missing out on.


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