Katie and Derek (Married at First Sight) Bio, Age, Family, Dating, Instagram

Katie and Derek Biography

Katie and Derek are reality TV stars who are best known as one of the five couples on season 10 of Married at First Sight, which premiered on January 1, 2020.

Derek is a cybersecurity engineer from Maryland while mental health professional from Virginia.

Katie and Derek Age

Katie is 25 years old while Derek is 26 years old.

Katie and Derek Full Names

Their full names are Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman.

Katie and Derek Family


Derek was brought up in a tight-knit military family. However, his parents got divorced while he was young. Despite his parents’ rocky marriage, he still believes in the institution of marriage.

Katie and Derek Photo
Katie and Derek Photo


Just Derek, Katie’s parents are also divorced. She, however, hopes to find her soulmate on Married at First Sight. She has three brothers. After her parents divorced her father remarried a woman who became an intricate part of Katie’s support system while growing up.

Katie and Derek Dating

Katie has had struggles finding a lasting connection with a partner over the years. Her upbringing has made her cautious about who she chooses as a partner and it has helped her figure out what she really wants in a relationship and from her husband-to-be.

Derek, on the other hand, has had a few failed relationships. He has not been lucky with his love life. And even though his parents divorced, that had no impact on his views of love, relationships or marriage in any negative way.

Katie and Derek Married at First Sight

In this season of Married at First sight, Katie and Derek have had several issues which include Katie’s feelings for her ex and Derek’s admission that he wasn’t sure if he’d fall in love with Katie within a year of their marriage. They however have a genuine connection.

Their fans are rooting for them and hoping that the couple will stay together since they both seem committed to their marriage. They also both have no problem communicating their feelings

Katie and Derek Instagram

Both of their Instagram accounts have been set to private.


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