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Jessica Pegula issues an update on mother’s Kim Pegula’s Health

Kim Pegula was hospitalized in June after suffering a cardiac arrest while at home. She has since been working to recover from the incident.

Her daughter,  Jessica Pegula wrote in The Players Tribune that her sister had to perform CPR to keep her alive until paramedics arrived. She also revealed that her mother is still dealing with substantial health issues. Her mother’s health issue was previously kept private.

“Today, my mom is still in recovery and although it is the same answer every time someone asks me, it is true, she is improving every day,” Jessica Pegula wrote.

“She is dealing with significant expressive aphasia and significant memory issues. She can read, write, and understand pretty well, but she has trouble finding the words to respond. It is hard to deal with and it takes a lot of patience to communicate with her, but I thank God every day that we can still communicate with her at all. The doctors continue to be blown away by her recovery, considering where she started, and her determination is the driving force of that.”

Jessica Pegula said that seeing the Bills’ medical staff save the life of Damar Hamlin after he went into cardiac arrest on the field was inspiring. As a result, she decided to wear the number 3 patch to honor Damar Hamlin, during the 2023 Australian Open.

Kim Pegula's daughter, Jessica Pegula
Kim Pegula’s daughter, Jessica Pegula

“Ironically, yes, I was ranked No. 3 in the world. However, it didn’t feel like it was just for him, it felt like it was for my mom as well. To see the attention it garnered in Australia, across the world, in a different country, just reminded me why I love sports and the beauty of coming together. Some of my close friends who know every detail of what has happened tell me, “I don’t know how you have made it through the year, let alone finished No. 3 in the world.” I just say I have no freaking clue. I guess one thing I learned from the past year is it can be a great year, and a bad year, both can be true.” Jessica wrote.

Jessica wrote in The Players Tribune that her family has appreciated the respect for their privacy while Kim Pegula continues to work through her health issues.


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