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Elys Hutchinson (Too Hot to Handle) Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Model, Instagram

Elys Hutchinson Biography

Elys Hutchinson is a Swiss model and ski instructor who became widely known as a contestant on season 5 of Too Hot to Handle.

Elys Hutchinson Age

Hutchinson is 23 years old as of 2022. She was born in Switzerland on August 8, 1999, to Swiss parents. She grew up in Lausanne, a city on the shores of Lake Geneva, where she learned to ski from a very young age. She also spent some time in the UK, where she has family and friends. She speaks both English and French fluently.

Elys Hutchinson Height

Elys stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Elys Hutchinson Parents

Hutchinson is very close to her parents, who are both Swiss. Her mother is named Pamela Hutchison and works as a language teacher. Her father’s name remains unknown. Elys’ parents got divorced after being together for 30 years.

Elys Hutchinson Too Hot to Handle

Hutchinson joined Too Hot to Handle in season 5, which was filmed in Turks and Caicos. She was one of the 10 singles who entered the villa, hoping to find love and win $100,000. However, they soon learned that they had to follow the rules of Lana, an AI device that monitors their every move and forbids them from any sexual contact. If they break the rules, they lose money from the prize fund.

Elys didn’t waste any time getting to know the guys in the villa, and she quickly caught the eye of Hunter LoNigro, a surfer from California. They shared a kiss on the first night, but She soon realized that they didn’t have much in common besides physical attraction. She then moved on to Alex Snell, a British personal trainer who had been flirting with her since day one. They formed a strong connection and became a couple, but they also faced some challenges along the way.

Hutchinson proved herself to be a loyal and honest partner, who was willing to open up and grow with Alex. She also showed her fun-loving and adventurous side, as she participated in various workshops and activities with the rest of the cast.

Hutchinson and Christine from Too Hot to Handle
Hutchinson and Christine from Too Hot to Handle

Elys Hutchinson Model

Hutchinson is a professional model who has been working in the industry since she was 13 years old. She signed with her first agency in London after a family friend suggested that she should pursue modeling as a career. She has since worked with various brands and magazines, both in Europe and internationally. She has also walked on runways and appeared in commercials.

Elys Hutchinson Ski

Hutchinson is not only a model but also a ski instructor who loves spending time on the slopes. She started skiing when she was only two months old, according to her bio on Too Hot to Handle. She has broken nearly every bone in her body while skiing, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her passion. She works as a ski instructor in Switzerland during the winter season, teaching people of all ages and levels how to ski.

Elys enjoys skiing as a way of relaxing and having fun, as well as challenging herself and improving her skills. She also likes to travel to different ski resorts and destinations around the world, such as France, Austria, and Canada. She shares some of her skiing adventures and tips on her Instagram account.

Elys Hutchinson Instagram



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