Ed Brown (Big Ed) 90 Day Fiancé Bio, Age, Family, Break Up, Ethnicity, Net Worth

Ed Brown Biography

From the USA, Ed Brown whose nickname is Big Ed, is an American reality tv star who is a cast member of season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

He dating a girl named Rosemarie from the Philippines, whom he met through social media.

Ed Brown Age

Ed is 54 years old while Rosemarie is 23 years old. They have a difference of 31 years.

Ed Brown Family

Brown is divorced. He was married for two years but the marriage did not last because he was unfaithful and they ended up divorcing.

From that marriage, he was blessed with a daughter named Tiffany whom he considers the best thing he has ever created on earth. ” Tiffany, she’s 29 years old. We are pretty much two peas in a pod. She’s just like her father, stubborn, and she is the best thing I’ve created on this earth.”

Ed Brown and his dog
Ed Brown and his dog

After that divorce, Ed thought he would never find love again and has .been single for 28 years. He resigned to a life with only his daughter and dog Teddy. This was until he met Rosemarie and they began dating.

Ed Brown Ethnicity

Brown is of White ethnicity.

Ed Brown Net Worth

Brown’s net worth is under review.

Ed Brown 90 Day Fiancé

Ed met Rosemarie through social media. He is planning to go to the Philippines to meet Rosemarie and he intends to propose to her.

However, he has bot been entirely honest with her about his height He lied to her that he is 5’3″ tall, while he is actually 4’11 tall.

In a promo clip that was shown, Brown can be seen arguing with Rosemarie during his visit to the Philippines, asking her if she is willing to just “throw it all away.”

Another part shows Ed breaking down in tears while telling the camera, “he does not believe in love.”

Ed Brown and Rose Break Up

Big Ed traveled to the Philippines in order to meet his girlfriend Rosemarie Vega. However, the union did not have a happy ending as many would have expected.

Ed was not so respectful with Rose in several instances Some of these are like when he asked her to take an STD test but did not want to take one himself and also his comments on her family’s living conditions.

On the May 10, episode, Rose broke things off with Big Ed. He admitted that he had not been completely honest with Rose about having children. Unlike Rose who wanted more children, Ed did not and wanted a vasectomy.


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