Dawn and Cher Hubsher Photo

Dawn and Cher Hubsher Bio, Age, Husband, sMothered, Net Worth, Career

Dawn and Cher Hubsher Biography

Dawn and Cher is a mother-daughter duo who are television personalities, best known for starring on season 2 of TLC’s reality show, known as sMothered.

The duo also appeared on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 in 2007. sMothered season 2 premiered on May 24, 2020.

Dawn and Cher Hubsher Age

Cher is 29 years old as of 2020 while her mother, Dawn is 60 years old.

Dawn and Cher Hubsher Husband

Cher is married to Jared Gopman who does plastic surgery residency and the couple resides in New York City. Her husband, Jared says that sometimes it can be overwhelming to be around the duo.

“When they’re together, especially in the beginning, I feel like I was the third wheel,” he said.

Dawn and Cher Hubsher Photo
Dawn and Cher Hubsher Photo

The couple met during their freshman year and got engaged at the end of college, They later got married one year later. The couple has one child together.

Dawn and Cher Hubsher Career

Cher is a registered nurse as well as an actress. She has appeared in films like Inoperable (2017), Second Thoughts (2019), and Blind Thoughts (2008).

Cher also runs her own date coaching business called “NYC Wing Woman”.

“I started out as a psychiatric registered nurse, and I worked for four years in Florida. I saw how a lot of depression and anxiety stems from poor relationship habits.

“So when I moved to New York City I got life coaching certified and I opened up my own date coaching business called NYC Wing Woman, and I help men and women learn how to navigate the dating scene in New York. It’s a very amazing and rewarding experience.”

Dawn and Cher sMothered

Dawn and her daughter Cher appear on TLC’sreality show sMothered which “follows four outrageous mother/daughter duos who take their bonds to the extreme.”

The mother is obsessed with her daughter an obsession Dawn says began the moment Cher was born. She said that she would talk to her daughter about everything and would even dress alike.

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