Carl Thomas Dean Photo

Carl Thomas Dean Bio, Age, Parents, Dolly Parton, Children, Jolene, Job, Net worth

Carl Thomas Dean Biography

A native of Nashville, Tennesse, Carl Thomas Dean is the husband of famous American singer Dolly Parton. They have been married for over 5 decades.

Thomas Dean used to run an asphalt-laying company in Nashville.

Carl Thomas Dean Age

Thomas Dean is 78 years old as of 2020. He was born on July 20, 1942.

Carl Thomas Dean Parents

Thomas Dean is the son of Virginia Ginny Bates and Edgar Henry Dean. More information about his parents is currently not available.

Carl Thomas Dean Dolly Parton Husband

Thomas Dean and Dolly Parton met in 1964. He was 21 years old and Dolly was 18 years old. They later began dating and eventually got married on May 30, 1966, in Ringgold, Georgia. The only people in attendance during the couple’s wedding were Dolly Parton’s mom, Avie Lee, the preacher and his wife.

Carl Thomas Dean Photo
Carl Thomas Dean Photo

Thomas Dean and Dolly renewed their vows at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration in 2016. He spoke of the first time he saw Dolly and what his thoughts were. He said;  “My first thought was I’m gonna marry that girl. My second thought was, ‘Lord she’s good lookin.’ And that was the day my life began.”

Carl Thomas Dean Children

Thomas Dean and his wife Dolly Parton, do not have children of their own. They, however,  helped raise several of Dolly Parton’s younger siblings in Nashville, leading her nieces and nephews to refer to her as “Aunt Granny.”

Dolly Parton would later use the moniker “Aunt Granny”  to name one of her Dollywood restaurants.

Carl Thomas Dean Job

Thomas Dean used to run an asphalt-laying company in Nashville. He has now retired.

Carl Thomas Dean Net Worth

Thomas Dean and his wife Dolly Parton have a net worth of $500 Million.

Carl Thomas Dean And Jolene

Dolly Parton has a song named Jolene which was released in 1973. The inspiration behind the song has remained a mystery to many. Dolly, explained the inspiration behind the song in 2014 when performing in Glastonbury.

“Now, some of you may or may not know that that song was loosely based on a little bit of truth. I wrote that years ago when my husband… was spending a little more time with “Jolene” than I thought he should be. I put a stop to that. I got rid of that redhead woman in a hurry, she said.

I want you folks to know, though, that something good can come from anything. Had it not been for that woman I would never have written ‘Jolene’ and I wouldn’t have made all that money, so thank you, Jolene.”

As for the name of the song, Dolly Parton explained how she came up with it during an interview with Norwegian television. she said she recalled meeting with a little girl who had come up to the stage for an autograph.

“You’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Dolly said to the girl. She went on to explain that the girl had “red hair, green eyes, and fair skin.” When Dolly asked the girl what her name was and she said, “Jolene”.  “I said, ‘well that’s just about the prettiest name I ever heard. I’m gonna write a song about you and if you ever hear it, you’ll know it was about you’.”

Carl Thomas Dean And Dolly Parton Young

Young Thomas Dean and Dolly Parton
Young Thomas Dean and Dolly Parton

Carl Thomas Dean Dead

Thomas Dean is still alive well together with his wife Dolly Parton.


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