Ashley T. (My 600-Lb Life) Bio, Age, Early Life, Weight, Catfishing

Ashley T. Biography

Ashley T. is a 24-year-old American reality star known as a cast on TLC’s reality television show, My 600 Lb Life, which follows individuals’ weight loss journeys.

She has struggled with her weight since she was 3-years-old and also suffers from borderline personality disorder. She also had a bad habit of catfishing people.

Ashley T. Age

Ashley is 24 years old as of 2020. Her exact date of birth is not yet known.

Ashley T. Early Life

The reality star had a traumatic childhood when growing up. Her father left when she was very young.  Ashley also lived in constant fear that her mother was going to die, and she ended up turning to food for comfort.

Ashley T. Weight

Ashley’s weight started to spiral out of control from a very young age. When she was 7 years old, she weighed over 200 pounds, and at 14, Ashley was at 400 pounds. She currently weighs 469 Pounds.

Ashley T. Photo
Ashley T. Photo

Ashley T. My 600 Lb Life

When Ashley sought the help of Dr. Now, she said that her weight is out of control and that she feels trapped inside her own body. “I feel trapped inside my house. This is not healthy, and I know I need to change so it doesn’t get worse.”

At the beginning of her weight loss journey with Dr. Now, he asked her to see a therapist in order to help deal with her traumatic childhood. She sees Therapist Lola Clay who confirmed that Ashley has major depressive disorder.

“A little self-introspection will go a long way in helping you develop the emotional depth, the empathy, the remorse, and just the compass that you need to navigate your journey.” The therapist told her.

Her last weigh-in was 469 pounds which does not qualify her for gastric sleeve surgery but she is determined to lose weight.

Ashley T. Catfishing

Ashley revealed that she has a problem of catfishing people online. “I need to change everything from my food to my profiles, and my catfishing to meet people.” She revealed that she recently got caught impersonating someone on the internet.

She also said that her family found out about the catfishing incident and they were embarrassed and so many of them no longer speak to her.

“I didn’t realize doing something like that would have such an effect on my family, ‘cuz now they’re hurt, and I don’t ever want them to be hurt by anything I do,” Ashley said.


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