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Amber Asay Biography

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Amber Asay is an American survivalist who competes on the new Netflix reality show, Outlast.

Asay turned her life around after struggling with addiction and being shot in the face by the man she loved. In her quest for healing, Amber embarked on a transformative journey into the desert for three days; accompanied by a shaman with no gear.

She clocked 26 miles in a day exploring the Enchantments, one of the most grueling treks in North America,

Amber Asay Age

Asay is 34 years old as of 2023.

Amber Asay Family

Asay comes from a family of four. There is no more information about her family as of now.

Survivalist Amber Asay
Survivalist Amber Asay

Amber Asay Husband

Asay is yet to share information regarding her love life. As of now, it is not known whether she is dating, married or single,

Amber Asay Outlast

Asay is a competitor on the newly released Netflix show, Outlast. In the series, 16 players, categorized into four teams, are dropped into the Alaskan wilderness. Described as “lone wolfs” survivalists must work together, relying on their resourcefulness and survival skills to make it through. The players survive on meager supplies, and they are forbidden from playing the game solo.

To leave the game, players must use a flare gun, and the last team standing will take home a staggering one million dollars.

When asked why she thinks she can survive the Alaskan wilderness, Amber said; “I feel as if my entire life experience has shaped me into a resilient, adaptable human being. What I have had to overcome in the past has shown me that with the right mindset, anything is possible.”

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