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Abigail Heringer (The Bachelor) Bio, Age, Family, Job, Deaf, Education, Instagram

Abigail Heringer Biography

A native of Beaverton, Oregon, Abigail Heringer is an American client financial manager who became known as a contestant on season 25 of The Bachelor.

Abigail Heringer Education

Heringer attended South Salem High School. She later went on to join Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. As a student in high school, she was an avid golfer. While in college, Abigail studied finance.

Abigail Heringer Age

Heringer is 25 years old as of 2021.

Abigail Heringer Family

Heringer is the daughter of Suzie Heringer. She has a sister named Rachel who also has a hearing impairment just like her. No one else from her family is known to the bachelor fans.

Her mother, Suzie, talked to a local newspaper and said that her family is looking forward to watching Abigail’s “dalliances with James play out onscreen.”

Abigail Heringer Photo
Abigail Heringer Photo

“She’s always made us proud, and she’s got a really good head on her shoulders, so I’m not worried about anything. Hopefully, she’ll have fun,” her mother went on to say.

And although the family is supportive of her journey on The Bachelor, her mother that she’s not sure how possible it is to make a genuine connection on a reality show.

“To be honest, I don’t think this is a great way to meet your forever person.”

Abigail Heringer Deaf

Heringer has a hearing impairment and so does her sister. She wears cochlear implants after being born with congenital hearing loss. She and her sister Rachel, underwent successful cochlear implantation surgery when they were two years old.

Abigail Heringer Job

Heringer works as a client financial analyst at Beaverton, Oregon-based marketing firm Opus Agency.

Abigail Heringer The Bachelor

Heringer is a contestant on season 25 of The Bachelor with Matt James as the lead Bachelor. According to her bachelor bio, Abigail says she is looking for a man who will lift her up and make her feel like it’s just the two of them in the whole wide world.

According to her good looks are definitely a plus, but she says that getting to know someone on a deeper level is far more important in a successful relationship.

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