Aaron and his mom, Jane Carter

Aaron Carter’s mom releases her late son’s death scene photos

According to TMZ, Jane Carter, the mother of Aaron Carter, believes that her son was the victim of a crime and not an overdose. She, therefore, made the difficult decision to share photos of the bathroom where he died to make her point.

The pictures, which were taken in Aaron’s bathroom on the day he died, show the bathtub where his body was found.

The water has a greenish tint, indicating that Aaron’s body had been there for several hours before it was discovered by his housekeeper. She also noted that the photos were not taken by law enforcement.

The Bathtub
The Bathtub

Jane believes that her son’s mental illness and prescription drug issues led law enforcement to conclude that his death was an overdose, without conducting a thorough investigation.

She believes that someone was out to harm Aaron and that they should be held accountable.

Jane also finds it suspicious that Aaron was allegedly pulled out of the tub while someone performed CPR on him, yet the towels in the bathroom appear to be “perfectly placed.”

However, the L.A. County Coroner’s Office reportedly told Aaron’s family that his autopsy did not find any water in his lungs, which means he did not drown. This finding led investigators to believe that Aaron died from an overdose.

All the bereaved mother is asking is ffor urther investigations into the cause of her son’s death.


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